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Whether you need a small welding repair or a large equipment system completed on site we have the trained people and mobile equipment ready for the job! Where ever & whenever you need us. We specialize in corrosion resistant metals and high performance stainless steels.

The experience of our field technicians, welders, polishers, and machinists add another level of capability to most any complex field situation. With comprehensive safety programs, real time communications, and state of the art in house training we are prepared for an emergency situation to a planned shutdown.

Since 1945 we have lead to way in helping shape the biotechnology, medical, research, and food related industries with prompt, accurate, and performance driven products and services.

FSO Group Assurance Services:

  • Facility Solution Management & Integration

  • Maintenance

  • Equipment Updates & Upgrades

  • Disposal & Recycling Services

  • Inventory Management

  • Logistics

  • On-Site Customer Training

  • Engineering & Technical Services

  • Management Services

The mobile facilities FSO Group provide dynamic readiness space in which our field service representatives can perform maintenance tasks, mid-level fabrications, service and repairs. Each mobile facility has fully outfitted cutting & plasma tables, with welding capabilities, power hook-ups, a tool area, ventilation, and capacity for added field services.

We understand that a one size fits all approach doesn’t work for all our customers and are committed to working collaboratively with unwaivered continuity to deliver on our promises. From delivering parts and repairs to ensuring availability of field service operators; our services underpinned by cross capabilities that enable predictable, reliable and repeatable performance, help us to continuously improve product & service delivery across all sectors. We are committed to developing and launching new innovative Readiness services to meet our customers’ evolving needs.

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