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What Does the NSF Mark Mean For My Company?

The NSF Certification demonstrates at Berlin Food & Lab Equipment Company we are committed in providing the highest quality products and services available. From a full line of food service equipment to a wide variety of custom and catalog clean room equipment. With the NSF certification we strive to build trust and confidence with our customers while providing a peace of mind for our consumers that are highly concerned about health and safety.

We continually strive to design and innovate new safety features into our products to further equipment achieve on our most demanding customer environments. Each & every product proudly bears the NSF foil sticker.

For over 65 Years we have transformed the way laboratory, food service, & biotechnology equipment is fabricated and certified. working close with NSF has helped achieve new standards and quality at Berlin Food & Lab Equipment Company that we can be proud of.

Turn-Key Equipment & Total Facility Solutions

Utilizing over 65 years of experience we can help you develop a clear plan to move your project forward. From in-house design services, to installing a high volume commercial kitchen, laboratory, or medical facility we have the services to bring your vision to light. Our firm utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and planning techniques to develop & deploy solutions for your food service, laboratory, and facility needs.

All Plans are prepared using current AutoCAD & SolidWorks software solutions. Mission critical projects in our industry can be extremely challenging. Understanding the difficult scopes of work, aligning project management teams with critical objectives, and managing with creative communications are the foundation which we start off each project with.

  • Real time project updates

  • Focused Communication

  • Flexible on-site Management

  • Fast track manufacturing changes

Experience and expertise launch a platform for each customer to measure performance and their success through each phase of their project. As the West Coast’s largest Turn-key & Custom Stainless Steel equipment contractor developing solutions for your projects are a snap. with so many services offered from:

  • Fast & Accurate Equipment and Material Procurement

  • Proto-type and Equipment Development

  • In house Design and Engineering services

  • Utilizing a network of over 180 Manufacturing Facilities

  • Comprehensive In-House Project Management

  • Full Spectrum of Installation services


With over 50,000 square feet of manufacturing space, 500,000 pounds of inventory and 50 plus Highly skilled local 104 sheet metal craftsmen gives us the advantage of fabricating almost anything you can conceive. Each manufacturing group is strategically placed throughout the shop to manage and maintain an efficient product flow. Our manufacturing groups include Layout, Design, Shearing, Notching, Cutting, Braking, Welding, Machining, Polishing, Assembly, Quality Inspections, Material handling, and Shipping/Receiving. We also utilize a network of over 180 Nationwide Fabricators, and 150 suppliers to bring you a Turn-Key solutions for all of your needs.

Using the highest quality components and materials available our staff of professional local 104 sheet metal workers assemble a line of products like no other. Each product is developed and deployed with customer satisfaction built in.

  • In-House & On-Site Design Consultation Services

  • Commercial kitchen Design & Development

  • Residential Kitchen Design & Development

  • Laboratory Facility Equipment Design & Engineering

  • Research Centers

  • Dining & Hospitality Facility Equipment Procurement

  • Hospitality & Medical Site Services

  • Full Scale Installations & Extraction Services

  • Comprehensive On-Site Project Management

  • Delivery & Start-Up services

  • Real Time Site View & Turn-Key Manufacturing

  • Specialty Material Procurement Anywhere in the United States

  • Custom Proto-Typing, Precision CNC Machining services

  • Shop Layout & Design

  • Shearing, Punching, Forming

  • Welding, Finishing, Assembly

  • Packaging, Shipping, Quality Control Inspections

  • Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Equipment Design and Fabrication

  • Auto CAD Programming & 3D Rendering

Our customer Focus in relentless! We strive to recognize and anticipate our customer’s needs during production & while developing new equipment solutions for the many industries we serve. Our tailored services give our customers the flexibility needed during design build projects that keeps the production flow steady while implementing current changes in product design. Putting the customer first is our #1 goal and & is evident in each & every project. Quality, Innovative Solutions, & complete end-to end manufacturing solutions is what set us and your equipment apart from the rest.


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