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We Offer The Highest Standards in Lab Equipment Design, Manufacturing and Installation
Whether you are looking for turn-key lab equipment solutions or a total facility upgrade, you are in the best of hands with Berlin Food & Lab Equipment. With more than 65 years of nationwide life science equipment fabrication experience, our blue-chip clients for lab equipment include Amgen, BioMarin, Genentech, Jonson & Johnson, Gilead, Takeda, California Department of energy, UC Berkeley and UC Davis, UCSF, Stanford, & California research facilities as part of a list of over 250 companies.

Full Range of Lab Equipment, Design Services and Managed Installations.
We have the capability of designing & building most all lab equipment you may need, be it customized storage, worktables, workstations, lab sinks, mobile tool chests, process equipment, washware fixtures, fixed or mobile cabinets, benches, advanced wall systems, protective features, wire shelving, sealed wall cabinets, and even the faucets and clamps. If you’ve any unmet needs that no one can handle, they will take care of it. We develop industry leading solutions for any problems and assure you of on time and flexibility manufacturing. With a focus on recycling, more than 70% of their stainless steel tops are made of recycled electro-static remelted materials.

Customer-Focused Lab Equipment Design
We understand that timing is everything in mission critical projects. With a large manufacturing space, extensive material inventory, 250 Outsourced vendors and suppliers and more than 100 skilled sheet metal craftsmen, you are assured that you get what you want, at the time that you need, at the price you desire. You are well informed of to the progress of the work and are able to make changes at any stage of the manufacturing process to comply with your changing needs. From in house or on-site consultation services to the final installation, you can count on our impeccable standards at every stage of the way. As an NSF certified company, you are assured that Berlin Food and Lab Equipment will rise to the expectations of even the most exacting requirements.

Customer Focus & Integrity
When a client first calls Berlin, the principles of quality and individuality are applied. This begins with either a design consultant or a chief estimator responding to the call to determine the needs of the client. What do you want to do? Do specifications and plans need to be submitted? Or is it a negotiated “CAD design and build” contract that Berlin will collaborate on with the client and their Architect. If the client does not know the answer the consultants of Berlin will assist in finding them out, either through industry experience and knowledge or by utilizing the contacts and information services developed over the past half century.

Experience & Understanding
Berlin has the experience and understands the practical aspect of food & lab product flow. It, However, defining the necessities of the kitchen is only part of the design process. The understanding of health and building codes is essential to success. The entire staff of Berlin Food Equipment Company is required to be familiar with all current local, state and federal laws, health codes, mechanical codes, ADA Codes, SMACNA, ANSI and NSF standards.

Safety Throughout the company
President & CEO Mark Cottonaro has maintained a long-term commitment to providing our employees with a safe, healthy & ergonomic work environment. Our goal is to provide the employee training, supervision, tools and management support needed to assure that our employees end each workday safely and arrive home safe and healthy to their families. To continuously improve our safety program, we have established specific safety program goals in order to persevere our outstanding safety record. We will strive to meet and exceed industry standards for safety.

Berlin Supplier/Subcontractor Qualifications:

  • Item & Material Qualifications

  • Proto-type & Pilot test requirements

  • Employee safety, accountability & verification

  • Quality Characteristics & reporting process

  • Raw material risk assessment

  • Qualification requirements & detailed documentation

Equipment & Fabrication List

* In-House Design & CAD Services

* Product & Parts Sourcing

* Production & Short Run Assembly

* Proto-Typing & 1 Off Pieces

* In-House BSL Fume Hood Testing

* Sheet/Plate Shearing & Notching

* Precision Tube Bending & Notching (x2)

* CNC Band & Cold Saw Cutting (X3)

* CNC Bending & Forming (X3)

* Sheet/Plate Spot & Stud Welding (X2)

* Plate/Sheet Roll Forming (Multiple Stations)

* Stamping, Waterjet & Laser Services

* Certified Welding Services (Multiple Stations)

* GTAW, GMAW & Orbital Welding

* Polishing & Graining Services (Multiple Stations)

* CNC Machining. Vertical & Horizontal

* Specialty Patinas & Powder Coatings

* Electro-Polishing & Plating

* Full-Service Installations & Shipping

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